Get your one off custom hot rod chopper for under $20k

High performance Hot Rod Choppers delivered in 4 weeks. Browse through our graphic sliders to see what others have done. DIY with basic automotive mechanic skills and a Harley Davidson service manual. Or, contract our custom construction services.

The value we add is the delivery of every single part, nut and bolt and professional, experienced guidance. You can be riding an operating, functional high performance V-Twin within four weeks of your purchase. In our experience, you will save:

  1. Numerous Trips to the hardware store
  2. Interruptions in the build. You forgot to order a charging system which you’ll need before assembling your primary drive. You didn’t get the right sized axle spacers to complete your mock-up. You’ll need exhaust flanges, gaskets and retainers to install pipes and those 5/16 nuts are fine, not course thread.
  3. Hours shopping for parts your local V-Twin dealer does not stock. Kickstands, shift linkages, handlebar dampners and ignition switches to mention a few
  4. Weeks shopping for discount suppliers to match our delivered cost. And, did we mention, you’ll forget a few
  5. Your investment sitting collecting dust. Life Happens. Many amateur builders start with a rolling chassis that takes 6 – 24 months to complete.

With delivery of every part and our professional guidance, you can complete and ride your Hot Rod Chopper in less than four weeks.

If you want an experienced assembler to build, paint and fabricate, we include 60 hours of fabrication with the purchase of custom assembly. See Custom Assembly

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